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SPK's Indian Green Building Certified

State-Of-The-Art Green Factory follow Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Process at all levels.


SPK adopts Green Policy by using the latest technology machines and infrastructure, where natural resources like Air, Water

and Soil is protected for the future.

There is also a massive investment made in the renewable energy sources by

SPK for the Green Energy by means of

wind and solar power.

Women Empowerment

One of the main objectives of SPK is Women Empowerment.

95 percentage of SPK's employees are female candidates, who are selected from different regions

of the country.

The people are trained by professionals and provided all facilities to perform

to their best level.

SPK takes care of its employees,

who are the main pillars,

by providing good work environment which is green, safe and hygiene, satisfying pay scale, nursing station, creche facility for young mothers,

hostel facilities and much more...

Training Program

SPK provides free of cost training program for general public

who wants to work in the

garments factories.

With experts knowledge, SPK teaches about fabric, garments,

style and industry culture to

develop the skills and knowledge

of the trainees.

This Training program benefits SPK and more garments manufacturers

in the region by creating

quality workforce.

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